NPR: Obama Budget Pushes Paid Leave Programs

When citizen delegates from Washington State converged in Washington DC to urge their representatives to take action on paid family leave and paid sick days, Selena Allen, of Tacoma (whose story we’ve profiled before), and EOI Policy Director Marilyn Watkins were interviewed by NPR reporter Jennifer Ludden: For millions of Americans, a major illness orContinue reading “NPR: Obama Budget Pushes Paid Leave Programs”

Paid Sick Days: Efforts around the nation

Two major cities — San Francisco and Washington D.C. — have implemented mandatory paid sick leave policies, while a third — Milwaukee — has passed the requirement, only to see it tied up in court. In addition, 15 states have proposed mandatory sick leave laws. “We are all being advised by our doctors to stayContinue reading “Paid Sick Days: Efforts around the nation”

No sick days for swine flu sufferers

Despite warnings from the CDC, millions Americans can’t afford to stay home when they or their child catches the flu. In this video, ABC News investigates how the H1N1 flu season is affecting students, parents and millions of American workers who could be facing the loss of pay or even the loss of their job.Continue reading “No sick days for swine flu sufferers”