Time to own up: Paid sick days make sense

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: By Ellen Bravo Imagine the scene: Someone tries to convince you there’s a wolf in the area about to cause great harm. The person offers to protect you – and then asks for generous handouts to help that effort. Only problem: There’s no wolf. Such is the case with theContinue reading “Time to own up: Paid sick days make sense”

Sick Days for All Workers

Via The Retiree Advocate: New coalition aims for a healthier Seattle through paid sick days for all workers By Alex Stone It should be as fundamental a standard as the minimum wage and the 40-hour work week. Yet one million Washington workers can’t take a single paid day off from work when they – orContinue reading “Sick Days for All Workers”

Why you should care about paid sick leave

From The Washington Post: If you’re about to eat in a restaurant, you should read this first. Or then again, maybe you’d rather not. A report being released at a Congressional hearing later this morning by the D.C.-based Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (“a national restaurant workers’ organization, comprised of restaurant worker organizations across the country,”Continue reading “Why you should care about paid sick leave”