Washington Family Leave Coalition Newsletter | 08.02.2010

Senate Appropriations Committee includes $10 million for state paid family leave programs: In its draft budget, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee has included $10 million to help states cover start-up costs for paid family leave programs. It’s not the full $50 million that President Obama proposed, and the federal budget process isn’t finished yet, butContinue reading “Washington Family Leave Coalition Newsletter | 08.02.2010”

To really support dads, Washington needs family-wage jobs and modern workplace standards

On Sunday, dads across Washington State will be celebrated at home as role models, breadwinners, caretakers, parents and more. Certainly a new set of power tools will show dad how much you appreciate him. But no gift can make up for the economic losses that Washington’s men (and their families) have experienced since the beginningContinue reading “To really support dads, Washington needs family-wage jobs and modern workplace standards”

Why unpaid maternity leave isn’t enough

From the Washington Post: When it comes to paid maternity leave, the United States is in the postpartum dark ages. One hundred and seventy-seven nations — including Djibouti, Haiti and Afghanistan — have laws on the books requiring that all women, and in some cases men, receive both income and job-protected time off after theContinue reading “Why unpaid maternity leave isn’t enough”