Home Economics: The Link Between Work-Life Balance and Income Equality

The central conflict of domestic life right now isn’t men versus women or mothers versus fathers; it’s the family against money.

The solution to the work-life conundrum is not “enlisting men” in the domestic sphere. The solution is establishing social supports that allow families to function. The fact is, men can’t have it all, for the same reason women can’t: whether or not the load is being shared 50-50 doesn’t matter if the load is still unbearable. It will not become bearable once women lean in, or once the consciousness is raised, or once men are full partners, always, in domestic life. It will become bearable when decidedly more quotidian things become commonplace—like paid parental leave and affordable, quality day care.

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All Hands on Deck for the Day of Action for Initiative 1433! – Raise Up Washington

logo-v2Would you consider giving 2.5 hours to ensure that a million Washington workers get paid sick days in 2016?

On Saturday, June 4th, 250 volunteers will take to the streets and gather signatures for Initiative 1433’s Day of Action. Together we can gather 13,500 signatures in just one day and get I-1433 one giant step closer to our signature goal before the June 30 deadline!

Are you in?

Call the campaign headquarters today at (206) 709-1313 or visit this link to participate in this exciting Day of Action on June 4! The field staff will get you materials, tips, and a great location at a park, store or event near you.

We need you to be part of history: to raise Washington’s minimum wage from $9.47 to $13.50 and provide paid sick leave to workers statewide. With just six weeks to make the ballot, we need ALL hands on deck to gather the remaining signatures.

Join us!

Thursday May 19th: Celebrate paid sick and safe leave in Tacoma!

amanda-deshazo-htMore than 30 cities and states have paid sick days, including Tacoma. It’s time to celebrate – and keep the momentum going! Join us to enjoy cake, share success stories and learn about the statewide effort for paid sick days and minimum wage increase.

Thursday, May 19
1 PM – 2:30 PM
Tacoma Public Library, Moore Branch
215 S 56th St, Tacoma, Washington 98408

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In a Historic Move, L.A. City Council Votes in Paid Sick Days Expansion

BREAKING NEWS: The Los Angeles City Council has voted to ensure LA workers not only have 6 paid sick days — but also (this part is great!) the right to use that paid sick time to care for family *whether related by blood or affinity*. This is the very first law to use this “gold standard” for a broad and inclusive definition of family. Congratulations LA and especially to all the people and organizations who have worked so hard for this win!

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The Department of Labor’s proposed paid leave rule could set a new standard for inclusion

Last Labor Day, the movement to ensure that everyone has the ability to take paid sick leave scored a major victory when President Obama signed an executive order to provide employees of federal contractors with paid time for personal or family health needs.

Now, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is poised to set another standard that further demonstrates the ways the federal government serves as one of our country’s model employers. The DOL is proposing rules that will not only determine how many people are covered by family leave, but also how “family” is defined.

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Workplace Flexibility Matters For Men, Women And Your Bottom Line


Brendon Schrader, founder of Antenna, a Minneapolis-based firm that delivers experienced marketing professionals to companies of all sizes.

[Via Forbes.com] For many years, when we talked about “workplace flexibility” or “flex time,” most people really only thought it applied to working mothers. But workplace flexibility has always been something fathers value, too. And the conversation about flexible work is becoming more and more gender-inclusive.

A flexible workplace has always been important to me: early in my career as an aspiring professional, then a corporate employee, and now as a father and entrepreneur. When I worked as a corporate marketer inside a Fortune 500 company, I felt constrained by the traditional work structure and how flexibility was perceived by the organization. Ten years ago, true flexibility just wasn’t accepted. I built my own firm partly to create more flexibility for myself and others who want the same things.

In late 2015, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced he’d be taking two months of parental leave following the birth of his first child and expanded the company’s parental leave policy to grant four months of paid leave to all full-time workers (male or female). Although some companies are making stridesto support flex time for all employees, men’s desire and need for flexibility still typically receives little attention from the traditional organization.

Women and men clearly need more flexibility: In a survey by the Pew Research Center, 50 percent of working fathers said it was very or somewhat difficult to balance the responsibilities of their jobs and their families. In my view, we need to include both men and women in the conversation about work flexibility in order to expand this issue and create supportive, positive workplaces for every employee and family.

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Spring legislative update and action items!

Happy Spring Friends and Colleagues! Here’s a recap of the 2016 legislative session and tips on how YOU can help advance policy for Washington women and families in the coming months.

olympia springtimeLegislative Recap

The 60-day legislative session ended on March 10th. Despite early hopes, in the end, outcomes were disappointing. You can read more about how our three priorities (Family and Medical Leave Insurance, Equal Pay and Pregnancy Accommodations) fared in Olympia in the context of Women’s History Month in Marilyn’s blog

Take Action During The Election

elections_aheadIf you’re feeling as disappointed as we are with our progress so far this year — then get busy! It is election season after all, and you have the chance to make a difference in who will represent you in Olympia in 2017. The most important thing you can do: Ask your candidates where they stand!

This link leads you to questions you can ask at candidate forums, legislative meetings, community events and legislative district meetings. If you are pleased (or not pleased) with the response, post on our Facebook page, and let us know if candidates need follow-up information.

i1433The most exciting initiative of the season

Raise Up Washington is leading the effort on Initiative 1433, by far the most exciting state ballot initiative of the season. It will allow all workers in the state to earn paid sick leave, and increase the minimum wage in 4 steps to $13.50 by 2020!

The campaign is running a volunteer only (!) signature gathering effort to collect over 250,000 signatures by the beginning of summer. YOU can help! Use this linkto volunteer to gather signatures, or contact Samantha at Raise Up Washington: 206-709-1313 (office) or 206-595-4668 (mobile).