Paid sick days reduce workplace injuries, save business money

From CLASP Add one more piece of evidence to the increasingly-difficult-to-ignore body of facts that suggests earned sick days – particularly for lower-wage workers – are crucial to our country’s economic success and families’ economic security. A new study  by health economist J. Paul Leigh shows that the economic cost of workplace injuries among low-wage workers amountedContinue reading “Paid sick days reduce workplace injuries, save business money”

New evidence shows CA paid family leave is good for workers and employers alike

Via Washington Policy Watch: New research shows workers and families are benefiting from California’s paid family leave law – and most employers say it’s had either positive effects or no impact on their business. Under California’s first-in-the-nation paid family leave (PFL) program, enacted in 2004, workers who become new parents or care for an illContinue reading “New evidence shows CA paid family leave is good for workers and employers alike”

Paid Sick Days Good for Business, Employees

From the Hartford Courant: By Louis Lista Earlier this year, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy addressed the Connecticut Business and Industry Association and voiced his support for legislation requiring large businesses in Connecticut to provide employees with a few paid sick days a year. The CBIA, the state’s main business lobby, was up in arms. ToContinue reading “Paid Sick Days Good for Business, Employees”