This boss doesn’t mind sick days

From the Philadelphia Inquirer By Dewetta Logan The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce is fighting a City Council measure that would require businesses to allow their employees to earn paid sick days. Although the past few years have not been easy for area business owners like me, the chamber’s contention that a few paid sickContinue reading “This boss doesn’t mind sick days”

Parents struggle to juggle sick kids, jobs

From Cincinnati Enquirer: Batavia School District Nurse Cathy Meyer often finds herself tangling with parents over sending their kids to school sick. And the students don’t just have the sniffles. One day last month, three kids were vomiting as they got off the school bus. When she confronts parents about sending kids who are sick,Continue reading “Parents struggle to juggle sick kids, jobs”

To really support dads, Washington needs family-wage jobs and modern workplace standards

On Sunday, dads across Washington State will be celebrated at home as role models, breadwinners, caretakers, parents and more. Certainly a new set of power tools will show dad how much you appreciate him. But no gift can make up for the economic losses that Washington’s men (and their families) have experienced since the beginningContinue reading “To really support dads, Washington needs family-wage jobs and modern workplace standards”