Why unpaid maternity leave isn’t enough

From the Washington Post: When it comes to paid maternity leave, the United States is in the postpartum dark ages. One hundred and seventy-seven nations — including Djibouti, Haiti and Afghanistan — have laws on the books requiring that all women, and in some cases men, receive both income and job-protected time off after theContinue reading “Why unpaid maternity leave isn’t enough”

Don’t punish people for getting sick!

Via MomsRising: We’re moms and dads. We know firsthand how fast the flu travels through our workplaces, schools, and child care centers. We’ve been up at 3 am half-focused on caring for a sick child and half-focused on the related “what ifs?” What if I send her to school sick? Will she get worse, orContinue reading “Don’t punish people for getting sick!”

Cough if you need sick leave

  The short, lumpy red couch in Stili Klikizos’ second-grade classroom at Milwaukee’s Fratney Elementary School was meant for quiet-time reading. Now it’s “the sick couch,” a place for ill students to lie down as they await the bus that takes everybody home at day’s end. “The parents work and will lose pay if theyContinue reading “Cough if you need sick leave”