“Great” Alternatives to Paid Sick Days

Kids are gross. Inspiring, cuddly, lovable, yes – but also: gross. I had barely heard of things like pink eye, ringworm and foot and mouth disease until I became a mom. My kid even got scarlet fever – Oregon Trail much? All kids get sick sometime, but nothing makes a 2 am vomit session worseContinue reading ““Great” Alternatives to Paid Sick Days”

Employers Report Modest Use of Paid Sick Days

Maybe you’ve had that early morning moment of anxiety when you wake up with a fever and a cough that won’t stop and you think ‘Should I go to work today?’  If you’re lucky, your employer offers a few paid days off in case of illness and you can roll over to get some muchContinue reading “Employers Report Modest Use of Paid Sick Days”

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene Co-Sponsors the Healthy Families Act

Flu season peaks this month. Public health officials tell us to stay home at the first sign of fever but millions of American workers can’t afford to take off work and far too many fear that staying home with the flu will cost them their job. We all need paid sick days. The Healthy FamiliesContinue reading “Congresswoman Suzan DelBene Co-Sponsors the Healthy Families Act”