What family values mean to Americans

Family values. We hear that term a lot around election season, on the House and Senate floor and over the airwaves. But politicians should focus on what family members mean when they talk about family around the kitchen table. What family members want is simple: to care for loved ones without jeopardizing their ability to provide for those lovedContinue reading “What family values mean to Americans”

Equal Pay for Women Requires Paid Time to Care

As we pause to commemorate Equal Pay Day – the day well into the year when the earnings of women working full time catch up with men’s earnings from the previous year – many people are asking why women earn so much less than men. The answer? Because women’s employers pay them so much lessContinue reading “Equal Pay for Women Requires Paid Time to Care”

“Great” Alternatives to Paid Sick Days

Kids are gross. Inspiring, cuddly, lovable, yes – but also: gross. I had barely heard of things like pink eye, ringworm and foot and mouth disease until I became a mom. My kid even got scarlet fever – Oregon Trail much? All kids get sick sometime, but nothing makes a 2 am vomit session worseContinue reading ““Great” Alternatives to Paid Sick Days”