What a dad wants, what a dad needs… has changed

When my brother was born, my dad took the day off work. He was overjoyed about the birth of his first child and couldn’t wait to spend as much time as he could with him. The next morning though, being the tough working class guy that he was, my dad felt an even stronger weightContinue reading “What a dad wants, what a dad needs… has changed”

“Great” Alternatives to Paid Sick Days

Kids are gross. Inspiring, cuddly, lovable, yes – but also: gross. I had barely heard of things like pink eye, ringworm and foot and mouth disease until I became a mom. My kid even got scarlet fever – Oregon Trail much? All kids get sick sometime, but nothing makes a 2 am vomit session worseContinue reading ““Great” Alternatives to Paid Sick Days”

When Family Comes First: Stories of FMLA’s Impact

Since it was enacted in 1993, the Family and Medical Leave Act has been used over 100 million times.  MomsRising, a member of EOI’s Washington Work and Family Coalition, recently gathered stories from members about how FMLA has impacted their lives. Gwenne was 23 when her father was diagnosed as terminal. After her employer deniedContinue reading “When Family Comes First: Stories of FMLA’s Impact”