Washington Family Leave Coalition releases 2010 candidate questionnaires

The Washington Family Leave Coalition’s 2010 Candidate Questionnaire is now available to any organization wishing to discuss work-family public policy issues with municipal, state legislative and national candidates for elective office in Washington State. For discussions with candidates for national office, please see these fact sheets on the federal Healthy Families Act and FIRST ActContinue reading “Washington Family Leave Coalition releases 2010 candidate questionnaires”

Is your Senator or Representative a leader on work-family issues?

Halfway through the 111th congressional session, recent headlines have focused almost exclusively on health care reform. But our elected officials have made progress on important work-family legislation as well: The Healthy Families Act (House and Senate) has received overwhelming support. More than 125 Representative and Senators are co-sponsoring the legislation. The Act would provide aContinue reading “Is your Senator or Representative a leader on work-family issues?”

Moms to U.S. Senate: “We’re Trapped in the Last Century”

From Washington News Service: Washington, DC – Many working families are victims of a corporate culture and public policies that were forged in the middle of the last century, when Dads went to work and Moms cared for the kids at home, according to the National Association of Mothers’ Centers. “Bring us into the 21stContinue reading “Moms to U.S. Senate: “We’re Trapped in the Last Century””