More than 1/3 of private industry workers lack paid sick leave

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which monitors, tracks and analyzes statistical data about labor economics, recently released its March 2010 newsletter titled “Paid Sick Leave in the United States.”

In the report, The BLS estimates that 61% of private sector workers and 89% of state and local government workers receive paid sick days. However, there were larger disparities by occupation, with only 42% of service workers receiving paid sick days in comparison to more than 80% of management positions.

Paid sick days is also largely depended on business size: 80% of private industry workers in businesses with 500+ employees received paid sick days compared to just 52% in establishments with fewer than 100 employees.

Cost estimates for paid sick days show that in March 2009, the average cost for sick leave per hour for a private sector employee was just $0.23 cents (less than $10/week). The cost for paid sick days in state and local government positions is higher, $0.81 cents, due to better access and more days received.

To read more about the cost, state temporary disability programs, and which workers receive paid sick days, read the full newsletter here.

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