Nancy Pelosi and Lilly Ledbetter want to talk

In November, we gathered nearly 300 women and families in Seattle to hear from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, local members of Congress and local advocates on strengthening women’s economic security. On January 29th, the Economic Opportunity Institute, our allies, and champions in Congress invite you to join an unprecedented national conversation with Nancy PelosiContinue reading “Nancy Pelosi and Lilly Ledbetter want to talk”

Is the flu making your lunch today?

Makini Howell is a small business owner who runs three restaurants and a commercial kitchen in Seattle, a food truck, and her family’s restaurant in Tacoma. Makini’s business has grown from a small start-up into a $2 million company that employes 40 people in our region – all while providing her employees with access toContinue reading “Is the flu making your lunch today?”

Washington, California and Nebraska push for paid sick leave laws

Across the country, cities and states are working to ensure that every working family has access to paid sick days. In Washington, we’re working with small businesses, faith leaders, unions, doctors and moms to pass HB 1313 – a bill that would allow every worker in Washington to accrue paid sick leave. But we needContinue reading “Washington, California and Nebraska push for paid sick leave laws”