Sen. Tom Harkin to push paid sick leave legislation

From the Quad City Times: As speculation swirls about who might seek his job, Sen. Tom Harkin is trudging ahead on a promise he made when he announced his retirement — pushing ahead with far-reaching legislation aimed at curing some of the bedrock problems in the American middle class. Harkin, D-Iowa, says he will reintroduceContinue reading “Sen. Tom Harkin to push paid sick leave legislation”

Sick leave is essential for the workforce

By Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, from Politico Use a tissue when you sneeze. Cover your mouth when you cough. Wash your hands often when you are sick. As children, we are taught a set of basic common courtesies to prevent the spread of disease — and as the national flu epidemic worsens, health experts andContinue reading “Sick leave is essential for the workforce”