Congresswomen Murray and DelBene champion the Healthy Families Act

The Washington Work and Family Coalition would like to offer big thanks to Senator Patty Murray and Representative Suzan DelBene for their courageous championing of the Healthy Families Act. Last Friday February 20th, Congresswomen Murray and DelBene hosted a press conference at Seattle’s Paramount Theater to introduce the Healthy Families Act, a bill that would allowContinue reading “Congresswomen Murray and DelBene champion the Healthy Families Act”

Guess who’s leading on leave? (Hint: Not us)

By Secretary of Labor Tom Perez I spent last week in Melbourne, Australia representing our government at a meeting of Labor Ministers of the world’s 20 major economies. After sitting down with my G20 counterparts and learning more about their policies relating to work and workplaces, my main takeaway is that the United States is distressingly behindContinue reading “Guess who’s leading on leave? (Hint: Not us)”