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Family Leave and Paid Sick Days hang in the balance – contact your legislators!

Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48) (left) is Chair of the House Appropriations Committee.Rep. Reuven Carlyle (D-36) (right) is chair of the House Finance Committee.

Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48) (left) is Chair of the House Appropriations Committee.
Rep. Reuven Carlyle (D-36) (right) is chair of the House Finance Committee.

Have you called or emailed your legislators yet about Family & Medical Leave and Paid Sick Days? If not, now is the time!

Here’s what’s happened so far this week:

  • Family and Medical Leave Insurance, HB 1457 had a hearing in House Finance, but was not scheduled for a vote in the last committee meeting before the policy cutoff deadline. Our message to legislators: Continue considering family leave insurance as a bill necessary to the budget.
  • Paid Sick Days, HB 1313 had a hearing in House Appropriations, but has not been scheduled for a vote. Our message to legislators: Move HB 1313 out of committee!

Please call the Legislative Hotline: 1.800.562.6000 and leave a message for your legislators today. Tell them to keep moving forward Paid Sick Leave and Family and Medical Leave Insurance by passing them out of committee by tomorrow, March 1st.

You can also send an email. Find your legislators here: http://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder. Be sure to tell them your story!

Tell legislators: Paid sick days and family and medical leave insurance are important to the health and well-being of our state’s people, families, and economy. These policies are also fiscally responsible:

  • Not passing HB 1313 and HB 1457 digs the long term state budget hole deeper.
  • Assuring that all workers earn paid leave to deal with critical health and family needs reduces public costs for health care, elder care, and public assistance.
  • Boosting the healthy development of our children will pay off in higher educational achievement.
  • Supporting family economic security restores health to our state economy.

The WA campaign for Family and Medical Leave Insurance starts tomorrow!

new logo with old logo underneathTomorrow, the WA Work and Family Coalition will kick off a year-long campaign for expanding Family and Medical Leave Insurance in Washington state – and we need your support!

Currently, Washington’s Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FMLI) program is slated to begin providing benefits to parents of newborn and newly adopted children in 2015 – but only if the legislature acts to fund and finalize the program in 2013.

Tomorrow, a Legislative Work Session will highlight how other states already successfully provide paid leave for new parents, workers caring for seriously ill family members, and the worker’s own serious health condition. Special guest presenter Ann O’Leary will detail the numerous social and economic benefits of such programs.

Ann directs the Children and Families Program at The Center for the Next Generation in San Francisco, has authored numerous scholarly articles on work-family policy, and served as policy advisor to Hillary Rodham Clinton and Presidents Clinton and Obama.

If you can’t attend, please take a moment to contact your legislator with this message of support for FMLI (feel free to put this in your own words):

“Thank you for holding the work session on Family and Medical Leave Insurance. Our families have waited long enough. Please come back to Olympia in 2013 prepared to fund, expand and implement the program.”

If you can be there, please join us for the kickoff of a yearlong campaign to bring workplace standards in Washington into the 21st century:

What: Work Session on temporary disability and family leave insurance
: Wednesday, February 29th, 8:00 AM
: Senate Hearing Rm 4, J.A. Cherberg Building, Olympia