Paid family leave and paid sick days bills introduced!

Rep. Lauri Jinkins is sponsoring HB 1313, to ensure all workers can earn paid sick days.
Rep. Lauri Jinkins is sponsoring HB 1313, to ensure all workers can earn paid sick days.

Most workers have only limited paid leave (and many, none at all) to deal with family health needs. A bout of the flu, a car accident, or cancer diagnosis can nosedive a family into economic crisis.

Two new bills in Olympia can change all that. By ensuring working moms and dads can take time away from work to care for themselves and their families without losing pay or their job:

  1. Implementing Family and Medical Leave Insurance (Senate Bill 5292) allows parents to take time away from work to welcome a new baby, and workers time to recover from their own serious health conditions or care for a seriously ill family member. Sponsored by Sen. Karen Keiser.
  2. Paid Sick Days (House Bill 1313) ensures all workers can take time off for preventative care or a short illness (like the flu) without losing pay or their job. Sponsored by Rep. Lauri Jinkins.

Click your legislator’s name to send them an email to say thanks:

Who’s supporting the Family and Medical Leave bill in the state Senate?
Senators KeiserConwayMurrayKohl-Welles,  ShinHasegawaHarperNelsonHatfield, Kline.

Who’s supporting the Paid Sick Days bill in the state House?
Representatives Jinkins, Farrell, Morrell, Green, Dunshee, Lytton, Sawyer, Sells, Fitzgibbon, Riccelli, MoellerAppleton,  Reykdal,  Roberts, Ryu, Pollet, Moscoso.

Don’t see your elected leader on this list, or you’re not sure who they are? Use the Find Your Legislators tool to send them a note.

Urge your legislators to support bills that support healthy families and a healthy economy, and oppose bills that undermine families and our future. They need to hear from you!

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The Washington Work and Family Coalition includes representatives of seniors, women, labor, health professionals, children’s advocates, faith communities, low income workers, employers, non-profits and other organizations. We’re working together to make it easier for parents to raise healthy children and care for aging parents; for workers to care for themselves or their partners in the event of a serious illness; and for businesses to offer modern workplace standards that improve productivity and worker health.

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