New prospects for family leave in 2009

We started the year with high hopes for funding and launching Washington State’s family and medical leave insurance this year. But legislators in Olympia are now fully occupied grappling with a massive budget shortfall.

Fortunately, prospects are looking up in the other Washington: President Obama has made helping individuals balance work and family responsibilities a top priority. Congress members are now crafting legislation to provide states with money to start family leave insurance programs along with other family-friendly legislation.

But progress in D.C. is by no means certain. Powerful lobbyists have successfully fought against expansion of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act for years.

Will you email Senator Murray, Senator Cantwell and your Representative today, asking them to make paid family leave a priority in this Congress?

In times like these, families and businesses need the support of paid family leave more than ever. Babies are born, cancer strikes, and parents enter their final illness even in tough economic times.

Working with, we’ve started an email you can send to your elected representatives in Washington D.C. Your own words will pack the most powerful message – be sure to encourage your leaders to support new federal funding for state paid family leave programs.
Building up family economic security is key to a strong recovery.

Please send your email today. Thank you for your support!

Published by Aaron Keating

Aaron Keating is the Communications Director for the Economic Opportunity Institute in Seattle, WA.

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