Pledge Your Support

Today too many of us are pushed to the economic brink by bad luck: a car accident, a cancer diagnosis, a premature baby. Even under the best of circumstances, many new parents go back to work before they or their newborn is ready – and face financial and/or health challenges. A growing number of people are caring for their own aging parents. It’s no wonder it’s a struggle, when only 12% of us have paid family leave!

It doesn’t have to be this way. In states with a paid family and medical leave program (CA, NJ, RI, NY), people can take time away from work to protect their health or care for their loved ones – and still have some income to cover the basics.

That means new moms and dads can take longer parental leaves, so their babies are healthier. New mothers are less likely to go on public assistance, and more likely to earn higher wages after returning to work. People can recover from surgery without risking financial losses. Seniors can stay healthier and independent longer, and are less likely to end up in nursing homes.

The Washington Work and Family Coalition is amplifying the voices of people like you all across Washington – working people, moms, dads, small business owners, seniors and caretakers – to fight for statewide paid family and medical leave in 2017. Will you join us?

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