After years of work by our coalition of moms and dads, small business owners, health experts and other advocates all across Washington, on July 5 Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed paid family and medical leave into law for Washington families.

But now we need to work on equal pay for women.

Women in the state who worked full-time year-round in 2016 made on average 76.5% of men’s earnings.[3] The Institute for Women’s Policy Research estimates that at the current rate of progress, Washington’s gender wage gap will not close until 2070.

The Washington State Legislature has the chance in the winter 2018 session to pass an updated equal pay bill. Join us and show your support!

The Washington Work and Family Coalition will continue amplifying the voices of people like you all across Washington — working people, moms, dads, small business owners, seniors and caretakers — to fight for policies that support working families. Will you join us?

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Dr. Amanda Jacobsen, a pediatrician at Seattle Children's Hospital, knows that our paid family and medical leave proposal would provide better health outcomes for Washington families. The competing proposal doesn't provide enough leave, according to Dr. Jacobsen, the WA Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the more than 1,000 Washington pediatricians it represents. You can watch more videos here.