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Family and Medical Leave Insurance

Family and Medical Leave Insurance: A cornerstone of equity and opportunity for workers and families

May 2016 | The evidence is consistent and compelling: establishing family and medical leave insurance for all workers will reduce health disparities, dramatically improve outcomes for young children, enhance the quality of life of seniors, boost the lifetime earnings of women, and reduce the high social and public costs associated with poverty and inequality in the United States. We have proven policy tools to enact universal, portable, low cost systems at the state and federal levels now. Voters of all parties support adoption of these policies. It is time for Washington and other states to move forward by establishing universal paid family and medical leave.

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Business owners for FMLI

Family and Medical Leave Insurance: Business Voices

April 2013 | Small business owners across Washington state see the value in a Family and Medical Leave Insurance system. Here is one of their quotes: “I know how important it is to hire and retain good employees. Paid family leave means my employees can care for a new baby or heal from an accident without worrying about how they’re going to pay the rent. That just makes common sense – for them, my business, and the community. ” – Joe Fugere, Tutta Bella

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Worker voices for FMLI

Family and Medical Leave Insurance: Community Voices

April 2013 | Millions of workers in Washington cannot take time off to care for a new baby or a family member with a serious illness. Here are some of their stories: “I had to work double shifts during my pregnancy, and gave birth to my son prematurely. I was only able to take a long weekend off to recover because I did not have any paid leave.” Maria, Hotel worker in Tacoma

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family and medical leave for washington state

FMLI protects workers and families

Family and Medical Leave Insurance: How WA’s workers can protect themselves and their families from economic catastrophe

April 2013 | Most of the American workforce has only a few days or weeks of paid leave available – and many workers have none at all – leaving families unprotected and businesses vulnerable. Low-income and part-time workers are less likely to receive any type of workplace benefit without legal protection, and many don’t get a single paid day off.

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family and medical leave for washington state

FMLI saves public funds

Family and Medical Leave Insurance: Public Savings

October 2012 | Washington state and local governments spend billions supporting the health and well-being of children, seniors, and families. Nearly half of births are covered by Medicaid and 12% of seniors are eligible for medical assistance. In fiscal year 2010, 114,000 children were in publicly subsidized childcare and 47,000 seniors received care support. By providing partial wage replacement when workers must take leave to care for family or their own serious health condition, Family and Medical Leave Insurance lowers public costs.

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Evaluating FMLI for WA State

Evaluating Family and Medical Leave Insurance for Washington State

May 2012 | There are a handful of times during one’s career when it will be necessary to take significant time away from work for health or family needs: to welcome a new child, recover from surgery, care for a spouse with cancer, or tend to aging parents. Paid family and medical leave not only enables workers to take time to address care needs, but provides benefits to families, business owners, and communities.

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FMLI is a matter of social justice

Family and Medical Leave Insurance: Social Justice

Family and Medical Leave Insurance is a simple matter of justice:
Workers already struggling with low wages and other challenges are least likely to have paid leave benefits. Only 43% of Latino workers report having any access to paid leave, compared to about 60% of other workers. People who work part time or in service jobs – disproportionately women and people of color – rarely get any benefits at all.

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WA’s LGBT Community Needs FMLI

Washington’s LGBT and HIV/AIDS Communities Need Family and Medical Leave Insurance

A Better Balance | When a medical emergency strikes, or when a child is born or adopted, many workers are unable to take time off from work. To address this need, advocates and policymakers in Washington State are proposing a family and medical leave insurance bill that would provide paid leave to workers to bond with new children, recover from a serious health condition, or care for a seriously ill loved one. Although family and medical leave insurance is crucial for all workers, passage of this bill would have specific benefits for the LGBT and HIV/AIDS communities.

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WA FMLI: Responsible Choices, Healthy Families

Washington Family and Medical Leave Insurance: Responsible Choices, Healthy Families

Welcoming a new child, fighting cancer, caring for an aging parent – a handful of times in life, we all need to take significant time off work to care for ourselves or our families. But too many Washington workers face an impossible choice: return to work, sacrificing family health and well-being – or give up economic security. Several states have successfully responded to this problem by creating Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FMLI). This fact sheet outlines the benefits and features of Family and Medical Leave Insurance for Washington’s children, businesses, families, seniors and more.

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