Before You Vote!

Your vote for state legislative candidates will decide whether legislators finally pass and fund a paid family and medical leave program for Washington.

Use the map below to learn whether your candidate(s) will support and prioritize this important program in 2017. (We also checked on incumbent candidates’ records to see who had sponsored, and how they voted on, earlier family leave bills.*)

We’ve included candidate email addresses so you can thank those who expressed a position you support – and ask those who did not respond to clarify their position.

How it works:

If you know your legislative district already, find it using the drop-down menu under “Candidate Statements” above. If not:

1. Use the map below to locate your legislative district. (Use the + and – buttons to zoom in, click/drag to move the map. If you’re in a bigger city, you might have to get down to the neighborhood level.)

2. Click the map in your district, then click the Candidate Statements link to see your candidates’ positions on family and medical leave insurance.

*We note cosponsors of: 2015 – HB 1273 or SB 5459; 2013 – HB 1457 or SB 5292; 2007 – HB 1658 or SB 5659; 2005 – HB 1173 or SB 5069. We looked at these votes: 2015 – HB 1273, House Committee on Labor & Workplace Standards; 2013 – HB 1457, House Committee on Labor & Workforce Development; 2007 – SB 5659, Final Passage; 2005 – SB 5069, Final Passage.

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