Experiences with Paid Sick Days:

Business owners and employees

  • Diane Inman: Paid sick days are good for business and the community
  • Alma: A restaurant worker threatened with being fired for picking up her daughter from the hospital after a serious asthma attack
  • Sharon: A nurse with 39 years of experience taking care of her ailing father
  • Frank: A single dad who lost his job for taking time off to care for his sick son
  • Megan: A restaurant worker who was fired for calling in sick
  • Maria: A housekeeper with two children and family responsibilities
  • Victoria: An office worker forced to work sick four times in one month
  • Amber: A young mother and kitchen worker forced to work sick in order to make ends meet
  • Kira: An elementary school nurse who sees kids pay the price when parents don’t have paid sick leave.

Community Leaders

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