Paid Sick Days

Paid sick days are the responsible way to prevent the spread of disease and keep everyone healthy by encouraging sick workers and children to stay home – away from co-workers, schoolmates, and customers.

Yet an estimated 1 million people working in Washington have no paid sick leave, including:

  • 140,000 in accommodation and food service
  • 150,000 in retail
  • 90,000 in health care and social assistance

Paid sick days ensure people can care for their health needs without losing a day’s wages, or their job. With paid sick days, people can seek preventive care and early treatment for themselves and their family members – and that keeps us all healthier.

Paid sick days also promote healthier businesses. They prevent the spread of disease, raise employee productivity and morale, and help make every job an economy-boosting job.

KING 5: Seattle’s sick leave policy appears to be healthy for business

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