melody-blockOn February 5th, the Washington state House will hold a hearing on our two bills:

1. Family and Medical Leave Insurance
Paid Sick Days

Can you join us in Olympia on February 5th from 10AM – 12 noon to tell legislators why these are important to you? Email Gabriela at

The Family and Medical Leave Insurance bill would allow workers to take off up to 12 weeks off – at partial pay – for their own serious health condition or to care for a new born or newly adopted child or seriously ill family member. Benefits are solely funded by contributions from workers and their employers, so it doesn’t put added pressure on the state budget.

The Paid Sick Days bill would give workers the right to earn paid sick days while on the job, ensuring all workers can stay home when they or their children are sick.

But in order for these bill to pass, we need your help in Olympia.

Please email Gabriela Quintana to learn more or sign up to testify:

PS: Even if you can’t come to Olympia to testify on February 5th, you can still help!

Send us your story about a time paid family leave or paid sick days would have helped you, and we’ll make sure legislators see it! Click here to Share Your Experience.

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